About The President
From a very early age, I have enjoyed structure and working with details. It was fascinating when I realized that others didn't enjoy the passion of trying to make everything in their lives both time and space efficient. How exciting it was when friends would allow me work with their closets, to re-arrange, consolidate and otherwise structure these areas to work better for them. They were always happy with the results, I felt not only fulfilled, but exhilarated, and eventually I realized that there were MANY folks who could benefit from my sharing this God-given gift. Thus, The Organizing Coach, Inc was born.
The name seemed a natural one, bringing my two loves together. Having coached gymnastics for close to 30 years, I have thoroughly enjoyed working with pre-school through collegiate athletes.  As I began formulating what my process would be for assisting clients, I realized the many similarities between coaching an athlete and working with organizing clients. They both begin with working together to determine short and long-term goals.  The next common step is to look at the individual's personal strengths and weaknesses to identify tendencies that will help or hinder reaching those goals.  Thirdly, it is crucial to work together to develop a plan for reaching and sustaining the goals, incorporate strategies to bolster those weak areas and develop personal habits that will ensure long-term success.  It will be my responsibility as your organizing coach to motivate, encourage and occasionally use a bit of "tough love" just as I always have with my gymnasts.
As I bring a unique background of growing up on a farm and showing beef cattle in 4-H to living in and working nearly a decade with urban ministry, it will be hard to stump me with an organizational dilemma.  I believe my masters degree in education and years of working in the classroom both on the high school and collegiate level have also helped to prepare me for nearly any organizational challenge that you may have.  
One of my greatest thrills in life is helping others of all ages realize their possibilities, and giving them guidance in getting there. I know what a difference in my life those God-appointed people have made to help me reach for goals I wouldn't have set by myself. My prayer is to be available, to use the gifts The Lord has given me, and to hear His voice in the direction I am to go with them. Until He leads me away, I will be striving to give my all, to every Organizing Coach, Inc. client and giving Him all the glory for the opportunity to serve.
Vicki Wright
P.S.  By the way, being an aunt is my greatest joy!!
Love ya Jake, Zach, Isaac and Hannah!!
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