To the potential organizing client,
Vicki Wright The Organizing Coach has assisted me throughout my home in many ways with her organizational talents.  After 40 years of being in the same kitchen, I had rarely thrown away a dish, cup or Tupperware lid. As we began to edit my decades of accumulation, I was surprised at all that I had not used for years, but still was holding on to. Vicki had a way of simply asking basic questions that helped me to think through the process. She would then give me time to sever the emotional attachment to many items that I hadn't touched in years, but had felt I couldn't do without. After this process, I was very excited at how much roomier my cabinets were....Another area she helped me with was arranging the furniture in our basement....We experimented with several options. I was quite pleased with the final result...I have found Vicki versatile in her abilities and encouraging and fun to work with. I would like to recommend her for your next organizing project.
Recommendation for Vicki Wright:
Vicki Wright is a service provider that I use on an on-going basis. With a busy household of three athletic teenage boys, an equally active younger daughter and a husband who is an award-winning custom homebuilder, my life is enhanced with the assistance that The Organizing Coach brings.
Vicki has helped my children to showcase their huge accumulation of multiple-sport trophies and other cherished childhood memorabilia...The initial lack of enthusiasm on their part didn't deter her from pressing on toward the goal. Eventually, she was successful in gaining the participation of each child....
After completing the children's closet/bedroom areas, Vicki tackled the desks of the two older boys. Both being honor-roll students, they had rarely used their desks for much more than a dumping ground for papers and books. When Vicki was done, the drawers had been emptied of everything obsolete, drawer organizers inserted and filled with useful supplies, and the tops of the desks ready to serve as a study surface...A massive project that Vicki took on was organizing all our pictures from our nearly 20-year marriage... Vicki's assistance with this overwhelming task has greatly reduced my stress toward this goal.
As an overall recommendation, I would like to say that her enthusiasm for turning chaos into calm is infectious. Vicki's genuine concern for improving the environment of her client is a part of the package that comes with The Organizing Coach. If you are looking for the solution to creating calm in your life and your families life ... I I highly recommend you giving The Organizing Coach a call today ... and you too can be on your way to a calmer, more
productive life.
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