Our Services 
  • You are free to first select a basic consultation or jump right in with an actual hands-on organizing service.
  • Every service begins with a complimentary 15 minutes phone conversation. 
  • Maintenance options are available after completion of each project.
  • Payment by cash or check is due at the end of each session. 
  • A cancellation fee equal to two hours of hands-on organizing at current rates will be assessed if 24-hour notice of cancellation is not given.
You will first receive a complimentary 15 minutes phone consultation. This will be followed by a two-hour face-to-face consultation. During this consultation, short and  long term goals will be established, potential challenges identified and home work assigned to the clients to be completed prior to the first hands-on appointment. Depending on several factors, the hands-on appointment usually begins within a few days to two weeks of the consultation.
During the edit/declutter process, decisions will be made as to what to keep, donate, sell and discard. A primary goal is to use storage systems already owned by the client. However, in some cases, it may make sense to purchase
additional items.
        Whether it be a closet, kitchen, bedroom, or general flow of an entire
        house that is not functioning at the level that you desire, The Organizing
        Coach Inc. is up for the challenge. Establishing systems that work with
        your personal style is essential to productivity. If you can't locate any item
        you need within ten seconds you are wasting valuable time.
2.     SENIORS: Unique challenges of preparing for a move or sorting through
        the possessions of  a lifetime in the quest to live a simpler life are
        common place for this age group. Special assistance is required as the
        emotional aspect of memories plays into the decision making process of
        many momentous. A high priority goal is that the senior client feel that
        they are being heard during the editing phase, and also that a sense of
        enhanced quality of life awaits them upon completion of the project.
3.     STUDENTS: Very often the child who is labeled as having a "learning
        disability" simply has not be instructed on basic organizational or
        time-management skills that their grade level demands to be successful. 
        The Organizing Coach will discuss all portions of the student's day with
        them, go through the set-up of their backpack and evaluate how they are
        using their school calendar book. New options for problem areas will be
        offered. An in-depth proposal was composed by the Organizing Coach for
        improving educational standards and can be made available to
        parents/caregivers who would like to improve their child's skills in
        these areas
        A. Pre-Sale Home staging or real estate staging are common terms for
        the process of editing the home so that it can best be seen from the
        buyers perspective. The ultimate goal is for the buyer to see it as "their
        home" as soon as they enter the front door. Statistics show that your
        home will sell faster and at a higher price when this valuable step is
        taken. The Organizing Coach, Inc. offers both 1.   A 3-hour consultation
        where the client receives both verbal reports and a written check sheet of 
      items to be addressed   2.   Hands on assistance where the amount of
        time will vary depending on the size of the home and it's unique needs. 
        B. Pre-Pack  Edit and declutter before packing. Why pay to ship items
        you no longer use or need, then have them clutter your new home?
5.     POST MOVE: Unpack/Put-away  Having served as the local
        representative for both national and international relocation companies,
        The Organizing Coach Inc, has seen the extreme gratefulness of the new
        home owner when a team is in place to assist in simultaneously unpack
        and find the best home immediately for each item as it comes out of the
        moving box.  
6.    HOME OFFICE: Whether it be an issue with your work area or time
        management that is not meeting your needs, establishing systems that
        work with your personal style is essential to productivity.  Let’s set the
        goal of getting you on the road to becoming all that you can be.
7.    NEW CONSTRUCTION SPACE STRATEGY:   It is the history of
       The Organizing Coach to rescue valuable closet and shelf space in many 
       areas of a new build that originally were slated to be plastered over or
       otherwise undiscovered storage space.  If you are in the process of either
       home or business new construction, let The Organizing Coach take a  
       look  and assist you in getting more space than you dreamed possibly!!
       During the time of major transitions in life such as blending two families, the
       distribution of possessions of a deceased loved one or an aging  parent
       moving into a retirement community, emotions are often challenging.  
       Having an objective third party mediate through the maze of questions  
       and  decisions can be the answer to a smoother road.
For those who want only the basics of a professional organizers overview, this three hour session may be just the thing for you. You can choose to focus on one problem area or do a walk-through of the entire home. If you are looking for a fresh set of eyes from a professional viewpoint, and a minimal commitment, the basic consultation is just that.
Having coordinated large gymnastics tournaments and fund raisers for non-for-profit groups where former Olympians were guest speakers has given The Organizing Coach Inc. a wide variety of experience with events planning. From a child's birthday party to a large corporate event we will make it all exciting and impressive.
Whether you would have a need for routine check-ups to tweak the new process or simply for the accountability, this is a common solution for those concerned about possibly slipping back into old habits.  Weekly, monthly or quarterly appointments can be set-up to meet your specific needs.  There is great flexibility with the follow-up service as it can be done in person, by phone or by e-mail.  The individual tailoring of this service is available to bring convenience to the client and to add another step toward maintaining success in their journey to a new environment of serenity.
Once your external “things” are in order, you may find it time to look at other parts of what makes up your life.  Such areas as time management, goals, and relationships can all be enhanced by the assistance of a personal coach.  Personal coaching sessions will be not focused on regrets of the past, but rather taking a look forward at all that life has to offer and how to become the very best YOU that you were created to be.
Joy is a gift from Our Father above, if we are willing to accept it!!
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